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Meditation sil sun setMeditation Benefits

Living in the 21st century is a pleasant yet exhausting experience. It requires comprehensive approach to everything that surrounds you – your job, your relationships, personal development or any daily ordinary responsibilities. Often there’re moments when it gets quite tiresome to get through the day. Meditation helps a lot to achieve and maintain success in everything you undertake. It is a wonderful practice that helps you calm your mind and focus easily on the things you need to get done. It significantly reduces the accumulated stress and returns balance to your body and soul. It helps you get a better understanding of the way your mind functions, allowing you to transform it from disturbed and frustrated to peaceful and contented. Meditation is a conscious mastering of positive feelings and clear perception of life.


Meditation Background

Meditation practices are very ancient, dating back from approximately 4,000 BC. Wall paintings from that period depict people sitting peacefully in the well-known lotus position – with crossed legs and hands resting calmly on their knees. In Indian scriptures meditation techniques can be found dating back 3,000 years ago. Gradually different religions have started adopting a variety of meditation concepts and nowadays most of the people recognize this practice as an essential part of inner spiritual development.


Meditation and Science

We have all heard the phrase “Meditation is medication!” However, many people are not yet fully convinced that this is true. Regular meditation practice brings a lot of health benefits. Scientists have discovered that the applied techniques affect the genes and brain activities related to stress and immunity. Apart from that, it is believed that meditation helps to prevent cancer, depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases, sleep problems, etc. Every day more and more scientists discover what significant part it might play in healing different illnesses. Neuroimaging and genomics technology allow a more profound examination of the physiological changes that occur in the body of meditation practitioners, proving that true biological effect exists. Such studies place meditation among the leading contemporary alternative medicines.


Peace of MindBasic Meditation

Meditation relies mainly on focusing your attention on something particular – an object, idea, or simply your breath. It is training the mind through different techniques starting from acknowledging your breathing and learning how to concentrate. To help you focus you might use certain word or mantra and let go of any random thoughts. Your consciousness will clear and relax. This will allow your mind to receive some rest and work much more effectively after that. If you keep practicing on a regular basis your ability to concentrate will gradually grow, allowing you to achieve easily the goals you have set.


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